Hall of the yard house

The courtyard hall of Aasa Guest House is suitable for organizing smaller celebrations as well as business meetings and workshops.

There are three oak wooden tables in the hall, which can be arranged according to the number of people and their wishes as a long party table or a comfortable large conversation table.

The hall can accommodate up to 40 people.
Ask for a price quote with catering!

Hoovimaja saal ruumi rent

Main house breakfast room

The cafeteria is used daily for breakfast. Suitable for smaller group gatherings.

The room can accommodate up to 25 people.
Ask for a price quote with catering!

Peamaja kohviku ruum

Dishes rent

Dishes for up to 180 people can be rented from Aasa Guest House.

More information: +372 5022916


Juice glass €0.20/piece
Wine glass €0.25/piece
Frying plate €0.25/piece
Bread plate, cake plate €0.20/piece
Soup bowl €0.20/piece
Coffee cup with saucer €0.35/piece
Fork €0.20/piece
Knife €0.20/piece
Soup spoon €0.20/piece
Teaspoon €0.20/piece

Hoovimaja saal ruumi rent